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Schedule of Events

Aug 31: Grade 1 Parent Meeting 6:30 PM in classrooms

Sept 1: School Opens for Grades 1-8, EARLY DISMISSAL; Kindergarten Parent Meeting 6:00 PM in the St. Francis Ctr

Sept 2: School for Grades 1-8, EARLY DISMISSAL; PreK-4 Parent Meeting 6:00 PM in the St Francis Ctr

Sept 3: Full Day of school fro Grades 1-8


Sept 7: Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

Sept 8: Grades 1-8/Full day of school

PreK-4 Meet & Greet 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM

PreK-3 Meet & Greet 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Kindergarten Meet & Greet 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Milk Program, Ice Cream and After School Program start

Band Assembly 1:00 PM

Sept 9: PK-3, PK-4 and Kindergarten Start

General PTO Meeting - 6:30 PM in the school cafeteria

Sept 10: Hot Lunch program starts

Sept 11: Opening School Mass at 9:00 AM (dress uniform required) All are welcome to attend

Sept 18: PTO Ice Cream Social in the school cafeteria

Sept 21: Enrichment Club Session #1 Begins

Sept 25: Teacher-In-Service, EARLY DISMISSAL




Our Lady of the Assumption School

Early Childhood Development Programs

Our early childhood classes fully prepare our students for elementary school.  Our team of professional educators focus on early childhood development and is dedicated to building a solid foundation for future learning.

We believe learning should be fun. Children are taught the skills needed for success in school through active learning, music, and hands-on activities.  We incorporate Christian values and prayer throughout the curriculum.

Preschool Curriculum

Social and Emotional Growth: Our students will develop skills needed in daily life as they come to learn about their identity and how to manage interactions with other people.

Math: Children participate in a variety of math activities. Students learn to think clearly and solve problems in math. They will understand number and quantity relationships. Students will utilize math manipulatives to make simple patterns and find answers in math.

Language Arts: We provide a variety of areas where a student has an opportunity to develop oral language, writing, and literacy skills. Students will be able to recite the alphabet, identify and write some upper and lowercase letters. They will be able to respond to a story by communicating in sentences while expanding their vocabulary.

Social Studies: Everything in the classroom lends itself to learning the concepts underlying social studies. When children engage in imaginative play, build with blocks, or work together in small groups on class projects, they learn to accept differences, deal with emotions, and resolve conflicts. They gain the confidence as their social skills develop, learning to share, take turns, and practice being both leaders and followers. Our students will acquire an introduction to the world, now and long ago. Various holidays are explored, as well as famous figures in history.

Science: Our students will be able to apply the introductory principles of science and relate them to the world around them. They will explore the five senses through everyday learning. The children will gain a better understanding of our environment through the use of weather and seasons charts.

Religion: Religion is an integral part of our daily routine. The students will be able to develop age-appropriate knowledge of religion and learn some of the basic beliefs of the Catholic Church. The children learn about God and all of His creations through a variety of activities. They will learn their basic prayers and be introduced to the lives of selected saints.

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development: Our students will be able to recognize and learn basic characteristics of physical growth and development. They will acquire a variety of manipulative locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills through an array of techniques.

Progress Reports: Preschool progress reports are sent home in January and June.