Our Lady of the Assumption School

Kindergarten through Grade Two

Restate task/assignment and recognize the need for information

  • learn to rephrase assignment
  • explain what information is needed
  • explore the Everyone/Easy section of the library and find requested information
  • understand what key words are
  • listen and recognize main idea in a story
  • identify beginning, middle, and end of story

Form information seeking strategies

  • distinguish between fiction and nonfiction books
  • be introduced to dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and almanac
  • introduce difference between a fact and an opinion
  • introduce children's encyclopedia
  • introduce Dewey Decimal System
  • introduce webbing or mapping of a topic

Locate needed information

  • know the location of fiction, nonfiction, encyclopedia, easy/everyone books, series, and young adult sections
  • understand that fiction books are arranged by author's last name
  • understand how to use a Table of Contents
  • learn to follow check-in/check-out procedures
  • learn to follow library rules/manners and basic book care
  • find just the right book
  • introduce OLA's automated catalog (Alexandria)
  • understand what an author and an illustrator does
  • recognize favorite author/illustrator
  • learn about the Caldecott Award
  • locate books from another culture

Evaluate information

  • determine own book selection (five finger rule/just the right book)
  • learn to browse/skim book for information
  • understand required information may comprise only a small part of the book
  • learn the parts of a book (cover, title, spine, copyright, publisher)
  • distinguish what types of books may be helpful in locating information (fiction, nonfiction, biographies, folktales, and reference)
  • use visual literacy clues such as illustrations, photographs, tables, and maps

Organize information

  • present information orally
  • present information through a project
  • introduce bibliography with author


  • determine what was done well
  • determine what could have been done better.