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Schedule of Events

Sept 19: Enrichment Club Session 1 begins

Sept 23: PTO Ice Cream Social - Drive-in Movie Night!

Sept 30: Teacher-In-Service EARLY DISMISSAL

Oct 5: St Francis Mass at 9:00 am (Dress uniform required)

Oct 6: Progress Reports (Grades 1-3)

Oct 7: Faculty Retreat, NO SCHOOL

Oct 10: Columbus Day, NO SCHOOL

Oct 25-26: School Picture days

Oct 28: PTO Monster Mash

Oct 31-Nov 4: Scholastic Book Fair Week

Nov 1: All Saints Day Mass at 9:00 am (Dress uniform required)

Nov 4: First Quarter Ends




Our Lady of the Assumption School

Computer Links

Type to Learn 4

This link will enable you to download the Type to Learn 4 Web Version program at home by following the online prompts.  This is available to grades 1-8.  Grade 1 login is their 1st name and their password is 1234.  If there is more than one child with the same 1st name, the number 1 is added to one of their names.  Grades 2-8 login in is their 1st initial + last name no spaces no uppercase letters (asmith).  Please note that if you have more than 1 child with the same initials, they will need to add the number 1 after one their names (esmith1). The password for grades 2 & 3 is 1234 and the password for grades 4-8 is eagle.  This program is a very important component of the computer curriculum.  Grades k -2 are not required to hold their fingers in the homerow position; however, they should use their left hand for letters on the left side of the keyboard and the right hand for those letters on the right side of the keyboard. To start this program at home, you will need an Account Code which is 100165. You only need to enter this code one time.  After that, each time you log on you will only need the username and password.

Additional Links

The following link reviews the homerow keys and keyboarding skills to improve placement and speed.

Home Row - Grades 1 & 2

Links for Grade K

ABC - Order
The ABC Game


Any questions regarding the login process of Study Island and/or Type to Learn 4 can be emailed to [email protected].