Our Lady of the Assumption School

Grade 7 Inventions Webquest

Task - Select an invention that you think has been a necessary invention. For ideas on inventions, go to the school library reference databases or browse the Timeline of Science and Technology and the Science and Invention Encyclopedia reference series.  Once you have selected an invention or technological innovation, create a PPT presentation that gives the history of your selected invention. In your PPT presentation, you must conclude with your thought on what the world would be like without this invention. Do not forget to include the following information:

  • Who created the invention?
  • When and where was this invention created?
  • Why was this invention created?
  • What does this invention do?
Before you start your research, you need to create a folder on the desktop to store all your information.  The name of the folder will be your last name, underscore, and grade.  For example, Gaeta_1A.

Information Seeking Strategies - Please use the websites provided by me, the school reference databases, encyclopedias, and the reference series - Timeline of Science and Technology and the Science and Invention Encyclopedia.

Locate and Access - Click on the following websites to obtain information about inventions.






Also use the World Book Encyclopedia, the New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia, the Science and Invention Encyclopedia or Timeline of Science and Technology.

Don't forget to use the school reference databases.

Use Information - Read and take notes from all sources. Make sure you write down when(date) and where(cite) you obtained your information. You will be creating a bibliography using Noodlebib.

Synthesis -Put all you information together and start to make your presentation.

Evaluation -

  • What did you learn from working on this webquest?
  • Did you do your best work on this presentation?
  • Did you work well with your partner?
  • Is there something you could do better on your next presentation?
  • What was your favorite part of this presentation?