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Schedule of Events

August 29: Faculty returns for planning meetings: Grade 1  Parent Meeting, 6:30 PM in classrooms

August 30: School Opens for Grades 1-8, EARLY DISMISSAL 

August 31: School for Grades 1-8, EARLY DISMISSAL

PreK-4 Parent Meeting 6:00 PM in the St Francis Center

Sept 1: FULL DAY of school for Grades 1-8

PreK-3 Parent Meeting 6:00 PM in the classroom

Kindergarten Parent Meeting 6:00 PM in the Kindergarten classrooms


Sept 5: NO SCHOOL - Labor Day

Sept 6: Grades 1-8 Full Day of School

PreK-4 Meet & Greet: 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM

PreK-3 Meet & Greet: 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Kindergarten Meet & Greet: 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Milk Program, Ice Cream and After School Programs start

Sept 7: Preschool and Kindergarten Start School

General PTO meeting 6:30 PM 

Meet the Teacher - Grades  2 to 8

Sept 8: Hot Lunch Program Starts



Our Lady of the Assumption School

Technology Curriculum for Grades K - 8

The purpose of the computer program is that each student is able to comfortably use a computer.  Computer skills will be introduced in the primary grades and mastered as students advance to the middle school level.  Through this exposure, students will gain a positive view of computers as tools for learning.

Introduction of Concepts and Skills

Grades K – 2 will:

  • follow classroom rules for responsible use of computers.
  • develop an understanding that each student must work cooperatively with each other and their teacher.
  • use correct terminology for basic components of a computer system:  e.g., monitor, keyboard, disk, CD, printer, and mouse. 
  • develop basic skills for using hardware and applications such as:  open/close a program, navigate using scroll bars, arrow keys, and mouse.)
  • develop keyboarding skills with the use of software.
  • develop skills in word processing using teacher templates.
  • print documents/projects.
  • explore the use of drawing & painting applications for class projects.

Developing the Use of Acquired Concepts and Skills

Grades 3 – 4 will:

  • be able to follow classroom rules for responsible use of computers.
  • develop an understanding that the computer is a tool for learning.
  • learn the need to respect the work of their peers.
  • use correct terminology for basic components of a computer system:  e.g., monitor, keyboard, disk, CD, printer, mouse, hard drive, and window.
  • develop good keyboarding skills with emphases on correct finger placement.
  • identify the menu bar.
  • develop word processing formatting skills.
  • use spell check with teacher direction.
  • insert images (clip art) into word processing documents.
  • save a document to a folder created in the student’s name.
  • print documents/projects.
  • develop an understanding of the school’s rules for safe and ethical Internet use.
  • do an Internet Search from a teacher-selected Web site.
  • learn how to create a presentation program. 

Understanding and Mastering Concepts and Skills

Grades 5 – 8 will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of classroom rules regarding responsible use of computers, responsible behavior around equipment, respect for other people’s work, and appropriate collaborative behavior.
  • build keyboarding skills from the intermediate level to advanced level emphasizing correct finger placement.
  • develop word processing skills to facilitate the writing process.
  • develop advanced formatting skills.
  • insert images from clip art, CD’s and the internet to an application.
  • use spell check and editing skills.
  • develop the use of the thesaurus to enhance their writing skills.
  • follow print instructions for printing various documents, such as word processing or spread sheets.
  • follow directions to create a presentation by using PowerPoint software inserting graphics, sound, and transitions.
  • be introduced to multiple uses of a spreadsheet.
  • use software to support math and language arts.
  • be introduced to the use of the scanner for projects and a grade 8 video project.
  • describe and demonstrate knowledge of the schools’ Acceptable Use Policy, and know the consequences of violating that policy.
  • understand and demonstrate ethical behavior in copying files from the internet, by properly identifying the source of the information in a bibliography (MLA citation).
  • required to do a research project in conjunction with the library program and present the work on a PowerPoint Presentation to the class.