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Schedule of Events

Sept 19: Enrichment Club Session 1 begins

Sept 23: PTO Ice Cream Social - Drive-in Movie Night!

Sept 30: Teacher-In-Service EARLY DISMISSAL

Oct 5: St Francis Mass at 9:00 am (Dress uniform required)

Oct 6: Progress Reports (Grades 1-3)

Oct 7: Faculty Retreat, NO SCHOOL

Oct 10: Columbus Day, NO SCHOOL

Oct 25-26: School Picture days

Oct 28: PTO Monster Mash

Oct 31-Nov 4: Scholastic Book Fair Week

Nov 1: All Saints Day Mass at 9:00 am (Dress uniform required)

Nov 4: First Quarter Ends




Our Lady of the Assumption School

Endangered Species Project

The following websites are to be used to acquire your information on your endangered animal.  

  • Look up the information on one website and verify your facts by checking them on the other websites.
  • Do not Google your endangered animal.  This is a lesson in research.  You need to be able to verify the reliability of websites used when researching information.
  • You must record the title and dates of information you researched on the Citation Sheet.  This must be done to insure that you learn that credit must be given to those that publish the information.  You are now learning that if you do not give credit to researched information, you are plagiarizing.
  • You must use at least 2 or more sources for information.
  • All information must be put in your own words.  Remember, copying from the Internet or a book onto your document is plagiarism.
  • Short bullet statements only - no long paragraphs.
  • All information on the slide sheet is due in class by November 8th.
  • You need to bring your slide information to computer class each week until the project is complete.

World Wildlife Foundation


US Fish & Wildlife – Endangered Species


Wikipedia Foundation  - Reference Only (Use only after acquiring information from the other sources to verify information)


Other sources of information to use, is the Library Databases.  Go the school website, http://www.olalynnfieldschool.com/ click on Library with your mouse, hover over Databases, and click on Britannica School Edition or Gale Cenage (Kids InfoBits).  Do a search of your endangered animal.

Citation Sheet